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Chrissy Teigen's Pregnancy
Chrissy Teigen has revealed that she will never be pregnant again nearly three months after losing their unborn third child, Jack, at 20 weeks.
Hailey Bieber Shares A Photo Of The Moment She Knew She Was In Love With Justin
Hailey Bieber has treated fans to a photo which the supermodel says shows the exact moment that she knew she was in love with her husband, Justin Bieber
Warner Bros. Will Be Back To Debuting Films In Theatres In 2023
Warner Bros. sets ‘Furiosa’, ‘Coyote vs. Acme’ and ‘The Color Purple’ to debut in theatres in 2023.
Migos Are Waiting Until After COVID To Drop New Album
Fans have been waiting patiently for hip-hop superstars Migos to drop their hotly anticipated fourth studio album, and now it looks like it won’t be arriving until COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift.
Biggest Premieres Of 2020
2020 was not the standard year. It was a strange year with a lot of events that couldn’t be held. Fortunately there were some Big Premieres we can look back on from the past year.
Celebs Born On The 28th Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 28th of December!
Top 3 Singers Whose Daughters Became Actresses
It often happens that the children of celebrities become celebrities themselves, but it’s not always for the same reasons. Here are our Top 3 Male Singers Whose Daughters Became Actresses.
Miranda Kerr
No doubt about it, Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr is one of the most beautiful and desirable personalities in the glamour world.
Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham started posting videos of funny songs he wrote and recorded himself on YouTube. The not-safe-for-work tunes quickly went viral and earned the teen an agent.
Biggest Fashion Trends
Celebrities definitely treated us to some amazing style this year, even in the absence of many of Hollywood’s usual glamorous events and red carpets.
Josh Brolin And Wife Kathryn Boyd Welcome Their Second Child Together
Josh Brolin and his wife Kathryn Boyd have become parents once more as they welcomed their second child together, a daughter named Chapel Grace Brolin on Christmas Day.
Gal Gadot And Patty Jenkins’ ‘Wonder Woman’ Trilogy Is In The Making
Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will team up once more for the third and final installment of the ‘Wonder Woman’ trilogy according to a recent confirmation by Warner Bros.
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Seeks To Extend Megxit For Another Year
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are seeking to extend their Megxit deal with the royal family for another 12 months.
Roger Federer Delays Return To Court Over Knee Injury
The 2021 Australian Open will be missing some serious star power, as Roger Federer's agent, has reportedly said the all-time-great tennis player will not play in February's major.
Celebs Born On The 29th Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 29th of December!
Shia Labeouf
Welcome to 'Love Life Lowdown', where we take a look at the daring ladies who’ve braved the love of Hollywood bad boy Shia LaBeouf.
Actors Hating Their Iconic Roles
Some actors will forever be associated with certain films, but interestingly, sometimes the stars in question couldn’t care less about these movies. Let’s check out a bunch of them.
Top 5 Countdown
Let's check out 2020's last countdown of the newest releases in theaters and on VOD.
Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund's First Child
Emma Roberts and her partner Garrett Hedlund welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Rhodes on December 27.
Jessie J Clarifies That She Was Diagnosed With Meniere’s Syndrome
Jessie J clarifies that she was diagnosed with Meniere’s syndrome on Christmas Eve but wasn’t hospitalized as initially reported.
Gigi Hadid Shares Original Sketches For Met Gala Dress
Gigi Hadid is among the many celebrities answering to the share a pic challenge on Instagram Stories.
‘Boss Baby 2’ Delayed
Movie delays aren’t quite a thing of the past just yet, as Universal have announced that the Dreamworks Animation sequel ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ is pushing back its release date in theaters.
Channing Tatum & Sandra Bullock In ‘The Lost City Of D’
Channing Tatum is in final negotiations to star opposite Sandra Bullock in the upcoming action Romantic comedy ‘The Lost City of D.’
Celebs Born On The 30th Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 30th of December!
Top 3 Ladies Looking Like A Red Carpet Superhero In A Cape
A lot of actresses play butt kicking characters on screen, but some of them give us that vibe in their outfits as well.
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone was a bright and ambitious child, starting second grade by the age of 5, and heading to university when she was 15, graduating with a degree in creative writing and fine arts.
This multi-talented singing sensation really knows how to ‘Juice’ up an outfit when she steps out, and always looks ‘Good As Hell’ on the red carpet.
Biggest Virtual Moments Of 2020
Obviously, the biggest story of the year 2020 in any industry was the COVID-19 pandemic. For the movies, it was devastating. Film sets had to shut down, cinemas closed their doors.
Superintelligence, Justice League, Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey, Tom And Jerry
Coming soon: Superintelligence, Justice League, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, and Tom and Jerry
Chrissy Teigen Reveals She's Been Sober For Four Weeks
Chrissy Teigen reveals that she has been sober for four weeks.
Constance Wu Secretly Welcomed Her First Child With Boyfriend Ryan Kuttner
Constance Wu and her musician boyfriend Ryan Kattner have expanded their family as the star secretly gave birth to their first child, over the summer.
Halsey Upsets Fans With Eating Disorder Photo
Singer Halsey has had a bit of a wild ride on social media recently, first innocently taking part in a viral Instagram campaign, but it quickly ended with a number of apologetic posts on Twitter.
Michael B. Jordan To Make His Directorial Debut With Creed Iii
Michael B Jordan will be making his directorial debut with Creed III come 2021.
Harry And Meghan Release First Podcast With Archie As Special Guest
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their first podcast, a holiday special featuring a wide variety of high-profile guests and a special appearance by their 1-year-old son Archie.
Celebs Born On The 31st Of December
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 31st of December!
Gerard Butler
After being fired from his internship at a law firm, Scottish star Gerard Butler decided to take the opportunity to follow his dream.
Isabel Manns
Pay close attention all you fashion lovers out there, because there’s a new designer in town and she’s quickly making a name for herself. We’re talking about Isabel Manns.
A Look At The Movies Of 2021
We can all agree that 2020 was a very unusual year in cinema. But what's on the horizon yet to come? Will we ever get to see all the projects that were supposed to hit cinemas and got delayed?
In Memoriam 0f 2020
This year we unfortunately had to say our goodbyes to some of the most talented and beloved faces in showbiz. Here are some notable celebrities we'll never forget.
Selena Gomez Attacks Facebook Over Scientific Disinformation
Selena Gomez believes Facebook could be responsible for thousands of deaths for spreading disinformation about the novel coronavirus.
Billie Eilish Reveals That Her Mullet Hair Do Was A Result Of A Botched Dye Job
Billie Eilish has revealed that the mullet she has been rocking for a while now wasn’t planned but was due to a hair dye procedure gone terribly wrong.
Steven Soderbergh And Scott Burns Are Working On A Contagion Sequel
Steven Soderbergh has revealed that a philosophical sequel to 2011’s Contagion is in the works.
The Weeknd Reveals Corona And Black Lives Matter Have Inspired His Next Record
The Weeknd has started work on the follow up to ‘After Hours’ and says he’s been inspired by the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests.
Lewis Hamilton To Be Knighted In The New Year Honors
Lewis Hamilton to be knighted in the New Year Honors despite tax concerns.
Celebs Born On The 4th Of January 2021
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 4th of January!
Top 3 Awful First Dates With Famous Singers
Celebrities often don’t have time for romance, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that they might not be good at it when they do try. Here are our Top 3 Awful First Dates With Famous Singers.
Alison Brie
Particularly through her work on popular shows like Mad Men, Community & GLOW, American actress Alison Brie has consistently proven herself to be one of the most dependable talents in recent years.
Kate Aselton
Katie Aselton was a teenage beauty queen, winning the crown of Miss Maine in 1995 & coming 2nd for Miss Teen USA later that year. Once she graduated high school, Katie headed to Boston University.
Zoe Kravitz Has Filed For Divorce
Zoe Kravitz has filed for a divorce from husband Karl Glusman, 18 months after their marriage.
Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Skincare Routine And Secret To Naturally Glowing Skin
Jennifer Lopez shares her skincare regime and the secret to a naturally glowing skin.
Movies Shuffle Categories In Preparation For Golden Globes
The 2021 Hollywood awards season is upon us, and several acclaimed films are juggling which categories they want their actors to compete in for the upcoming Golden Globes.
Kate Middleton Named 2020’s Most Popular Fashion Influencer
Kate Middleton has overtaken her sister-in-law Meghan Markle to take the title of 2020’s UK’s most popular fashion influencer.
Cristiano Ronaldo Closes In On All-Time Scoring Record
Cristiano Ronaldo is now the second highest goalscorer of all time, and is closing in on first place.
Celebs Born On The 5th Of January 2021
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 5th of January!
Top 3 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged But Called Off The Wedding
It seems like every week, another Hollywood marriage ends, but some relationships don’t even make it that far. Here are our Top 3 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged But Called Off The Wedding.
Top 5 Upcoming Animated Films
Let’s have a look at the 5 best animated films for the whole family that we’ll see in the near future.
Ariana Grande
Welcome to Love Life Lowdown, where we take you back through the romantic history of Ariana Grande.
The Royal Ascot
Britain has a rather large aristocracy. There’s a whole load of dukes, duchesses, earls and marquesses living in the UK. And every year they all gather for the Royal Ascot.
Emma Stone Is Pregnant With Her First Child
Emma Stone is expecting her first child with husband Dave McCary.
Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Are Reportedly Dating
It seems like Harry Styles is officially off the market as he is reportedly dating actress and director Olivia Wilde after weeks of speculation.
Halsey Is Launching Her Own Makeup Line
Halsey is joining the beauty world by curating and launching her own makeup line called about-face.
Patty Jenkins Details Her Long Hard Road To Getting ‘Wonder Woman’ Made
Patty Jenkins has spoken out about the long, hard road she had to travel to get the first ‘Wonder Woman’ movie made.
Lewis Capaldi Taking A Break From Social Media To Finish New Album
Lewis Capaldi has announced that he’s taking a break from social media but the singer isn’t overwhelmed by trolls or concerned for his mental health.
Celebs Born On The 6th Of January 2021
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 6th of January!
Top 3 Actresses Proving That Pink And Black Is A Perfect Color Combo
There was plenty of amazing fashion on the red carpet of the 2020 Oscars, but one trend in particular caught our eye. Here are our Top 3 Actresses Proving That Pink And Black Is A Perfect Color Combo.
Imogen Poots
English actress Imogen Poots was born and raised in London, the daughter of a television producer and a journalist, and attended private school her whole life.
Carey Mulligan English Rose
This English rose has clearly been given 'An Education' in fashion, because her style is great like Gatsby, and she’ll never need to feel any red carpet 'Shame'.
Pieces Of A Woman, Godmothered, Wonder Woman 1984, Little Fish
Coming soon: Pieces of a Woman, Godmothered, Wonder Woman 1984, and Little Fish
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Rumoured To Be Heading For A Divorce
Rumors are flying that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are both ready for their marriage to come to an end, and the power couple could be headed for a divorce very soon.
Kim Kardashian Closes $200 Million Dollar Deal For Her Beauty Brand
Kim Kardashian is starting the new year $200 million richer as her deal which saw her selling 20% stake of her KKW Beauty last year to Coty has been officially closed.
2021 Grammy Awards Postponed To Mid-March
The 63rd Grammy awards have been postponed to mid-March due to concerns over the growing number of covid-19 cases in Los Angeles.
Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ Was The Biggest Album Of 2020
Taylor Swift’s quarantine record ‘Folklore’, which she surprised fans with this summer, is officially the biggest album of 2020.
Queen Elizabeth Cancels All 2021 Garden Parties
Queen Elizabeth has cancelled all royal garden parties in 2021 as the coronavirus infections continues to rise.
Celebs Born On The 7th Of January 2021
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 7th of January!
Top 3 Female Movie Stars Who Married Regular Guys
Celebrities often don’t get the chance to meet normal people, let alone date them, but sometimes it does happen. Here are our Top 3 Female Movie Stars Who Married Regular Guys.
Focus On Upcycling
Sustainability is all the rage in the clothing industry these days, with vintage pieces, organic materials and turning things like plastic bottles into fabric becoming very popular.
Filming Whilst Driving
Cars can be found in just about every movie out there. We’re going to check out how they shoot in a confined space like the inside of an automobile.
Mary J. Blige
This red carpet veteran might have had some ‘Growing Pains’ selecting her outfits at the beginning of her career… but these days there is ‘No More Drama’ when getting ready for a big event.
Contrary To Rumors, The Weeknd Did Not Get Plastic Surgery
Contrary to fan speculation and rumors, no, R&B superstar the Weeknd did not get plastic surgery for his new music video.
Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash Over Launch Of Her Hand Sanitizer
Kylie Jenner is being accused of profiting off the ongoing coronavirus pandemic after she recently released her new Kylie Skin hand sanitizer.
Jessie Buckley Set To Join Alex Garland’s Next Film
Jesse Buckley is in talks to star in Alex Garland's upcoming feature film 'Men' alongside Rory Kinnear.
Lee Daniels’ Billie Holiday Biopic Moves To Streaming
The new biopic ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday’, from acclaimed director Lee Daniels, will no longer premiere in cinemas, and has been sold to the streaming service Hulu.
Lebron James Says He Wants To Buy A Women’s Basketball Team
LeBron James says he wants to buy a women’s basketball team, but not just any team, the superstar has his eye set on the Atlanta Dream.
Celebs Born On The 8th Of January 2021
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 8th of January!
Noah Cyrus
Born right at the dawn of the new millennium on January 8th, 2000, Noah Cyrus is an OG Generation Z it girl. She’s the youngest of five siblings, born to country star Billy Ray Cyrus.
Emma Stone
Emma Stone's career continues its climb to higher and higher heights. Yet despite all her successes, she remains comfortingly down-to-earth.
The Personal History Of David Copperfield (London)
‘David Copperfield’, Charles Dickens’ eighth novel, is a universal favourite. And also said to be Dickens own favourite and slightly autobiographical as well.
Amber Heard Reveals What Happened With Her Divorce Settlement Money From Johnny Depp
Amber Heard has stated that she hasn’t yet paid the $7 million pledged to charity from her divorce settlement with ex-husband Johnny Depp as she spent millions of dollars to defend herself.
Shia Labeouf And Margaret Qualley Reportedly Call It Quits
Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley’s relationship has hit the wall amidst abuse allegations against the ‘Transformers star’ by his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs.
Brie Larson Reveals That ‘Captain Marvel 2’ Is Gearing Up
Brie Larson is best known for her role as the superheroine Captain Marvel and we’ve got some good news, as the actress recently revealed on her YouTube channel.
Lil Nas X Blames COVID-19 For Delaying His Collaboration With Miley Cyrus
Lil Nas X is putting the blame on COVID-19 for delaying his collaboration with none other than Miley Cyrus.
Madonna Flaunts COVID-19 Travel Bans And Visits Five Countries In Three Weeks
Madonna has reportedly visited five countries in just three weeks in an extravagant getaway amidst strict travel bans due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Nicole Kidman And Javier Bardem To Play Lucille Ball And Desi Arnaz In New Movie
Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are in negotiations to embody iconic Hollywood couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in the upcoming movie ‘Being the Ricardos’ by director Aaron Sorkin.
Coming Soon: Our Friend, Chaos Walking, Herself, And Half Brothers.
Coming Soon: Our Friend, Chaos Walking, Herself, and Half Brothers.
Mariah Carey Speaks Out About Her Struggles As A Woman Of Color In A Male Dominated Industry
Mariah Carey is opening up about her struggles with identity and being a woman of color in a male-dominated industry.
Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Learns How To Take A Swing On The Tennis Court
Serena Williams’ daughter Alexis Olympia is closely following in her mother’s footsteps as she has been perfecting her swing on the tennis court in recent months.