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Top 3 Models Who Started A Charity
It's always nice when people who’ve become rich and successful in their own careers remember to give back to others. Here are our Top 3 Models Who Started A Charity.
Bianca Ryan
Yes it’s been quite a while since this lady rose to fame, and man has she grown up! We bumped into Bianca during New York Fashion Week and the gorgeous singer was very honored to be there.
Regina King
Dazzling us with her gorgeous smile and amazing fashion choices every time she steps out, we almost can’t imagine a world without Regina King ruling the red carpet.
‘Argo’ is a 2012 movie based on real events that was directed by Ben Affleck, who also plays the lead. It’s set during the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.
Chrissy Teigen Deletes Her Twitter Account Over Online Negativity
Chrissy Teigen has deleted her incredibly popular Twitter account due to the toll all the negativity online has taken on her.
Jessica Alba Reveals Why She Stepped Back From Acting
Jessica Alba has revealed that it was motherhood which motivated her to take a step back from acting despite being at the top of her career.
Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan Will Now Be A Superhero
Pierce Brosnan is going from secret agent to super hero
Dua Lipa Says Since She Can’t Tour, She’s Making New Music
Like most of us, Dua Lipa is anxious for the coronavirus lockdowns to end, but unlike the rest of us, Dua says that while she’s waiting to be able to tour again, she’s busy working on new music.
Seth Rogen, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams Birthdays
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 15th of April!
Top 3 Actresses Who Love To Surf
When you’re as physically perfect as most celebs, it makes sense that a lot of your hobbies will involve sporty outdoor activities. Here are our Top 3 Actresses Who Love To Surf.
Foxus On Inspiration
Ideas can strike an artist at pretty much any time, and fashion designers, in particular, can find inspiration for their creations from all kinds of places.
Rosamund Pike
Ever since she starred as a Bond Girl in the 007 movie ‘Die Another Day’ and stunned in this daring silver dress at its Royal Premiere, we’ve had our fashion radar trained on Miss Rosamund Pike.
Secret In Their Eyes
‘Secret in Their Eyes’ is a remake of an Oscar winning Argentinian movie of the same name. The story centers around a tight group of cops who work on murder investigations.
Elton John Says Online Trolls Must Be Held Accountable
Sir Elton John wishes we all could be a bit nicer to each other these days, and says he thinks the first step will be holding online trolls accountable for their words
Machine Gun Kelly Is Launching A Unisex Nail Polish Line
Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, is getting into the beauty business & will soon be launching his own unisex line of nail polish in partnership with Unlisted Brand Lab called UN/DN.
Hugh Jackman And Laura Dern To Star In ‘The Father’ Follow-Up ‘The Son’
Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern to star in ‘The Father’ follow-up ‘The Son’
Queen Elizabeth Bans Wearing Of Military Attire At Prince Philip’s Funeral
Queen Elizabeth has banned the wearing of military attire during the upcoming funeral of her late husband, Prince Philip.
Claire Foy, Sadie Sink, Anya Taylor Birthdays
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 16th of April!
Top 3 Actors Besides Christopher Reeve Who’ve Played Superman
The 1970s and 80s ‘Superman’ films set the stage for today’s many massive comic book blockbusters, but here are our Top 3 Actors Besides Christopher Reeve Who’ve Played Superman.
Born Rosalía Vila Tobella, but these days known simply as Rosalía, this Spanish superstar is taking over the world with her flamenco inspired tunes and dance moves
Biopic Movie Premieres
Being an actor is one thing, but portraying a living person who you know will see the movie about their own life is a whole other level.
Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Have Officially Broken Up
It’s the end of the road for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's relationship, as the couple has announced they’ve called it quits, two years into their engagement.
Justin Theroux Says Distance Wasn’t The Cause Of His Break Up From Jennifer Aniston
Justin Theroux has revealed that distance had nothing to do with his breakup from ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, putting to rest rumors that the duo called it quits.
Pete Davidson Drops Another Hint About Who He’s Dating
Pete Davidson sure does love keeping fans guessing about who he’s dating, as the comedian has dropped another hint that he is indeed in a relationship with ‘Bridgerton’ star Phoebe Dynavor.
Mads Mikkelsen Joins ‘Indiana Jones 5’
Mads Mikkelsen has been cast to star alongside Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the upcoming fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise.
Sam Claflin Loves Playing Bad Guys
In the new thriller ‘Every Breath You Take’, Sam Claflin plays the antagonist, a twisted man bent on destroying the life of Casey Affleck’s character, who he blames for the death of his sister.
James Franco, Kate Hudson, Ashley Judd Birthdays
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 19th of April!
Top 3 Male Singers Who Are Bad Neighbors
Many musicians love to show off their rebellious attitude, but sometimes that attitude can also get you into a little trouble. Here are our Top 3 Male Singers Who Are Bad Neighbors.
Lindsay Lohan
We always zoom in on the lives of all kinds of celebs and this time around it’s Lindsay Lohan’s turn.
Kingsley Ben-Adir
Kingsley Ben-Adir was born in London, the son of a white British father, and a Black mother. He became interested in acting as a teen.
Chrissy Teigen Is Back On Twitter
Chrissy Teigen is back on Twitter, just three weeks after calling it quits due to all the negativity on the social media platform
Karlie Kloss Reveals Her Son's Name
Karlie Kloss has finally revealed the gender and name of her first child with husband Joshua Kushner, a month after giving birth.
Miranda Lambert Goes Full Cowgirl For The Acms
Miranda Lambert led the parade of stylish stars attending the 2021 American Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, and went full cowgirl in her outfits.
Miranda Kerr, Jessica Lange, Andy Serkis Birthdays
Let’s look at some of the famous folks who celebrate their birthday on the 20th of April!
Top 3 Marvel Stars Who Dated Other Marvel Stars
It’s a bit of a Hollywood tradition to fall in love with your co-stars, and that doesn’t stop when you’re playing a superhero on screen. Here are our Top 3 Marvel Stars Who Dated Other Marvel Stars.
Angelina Jolie
Welcome to 'Love Life Lowdown', where we take a look at the many men who've been 'Wanted' by sultry starlet Angelina Jolie
The Future Of Video On Demand
The movie landscape is always changing and especially on demand services are becoming more important by the day.
Celebrity Moms At The Oscars
The 93rd annual Academy Awards are just around the corner, and you can expect to see plenty of A-list couples smiling happily on the famous red carpet.
Romantic Films
Despite the assumption that only women watch romance films, you’d be surprised by the number of men who are hopeless romantics.
Kim Kardashian Being Courted By Royals
Kim Kardashian is apparently the hottest bachelorette in town, after her split from ex-husband rapper Kanye West & according to sources.
‘Wandavision’ Leads The MTV Movie & TV Award Nominations
The nominees for the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards have been announced, in the run-up to the event itself, which is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on the 16th of May.
Cristiano Ronaldo Flaunts His Fabulous Physique
Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to flaunting his fabulous physique & his latest snap really leaves little to the imagination, as he’s seen flexing next to his Juventus teammates in the locker room.