Broken Cross

Broken Cross
2017 . 94 min


  • Various


  • Various


  • Drama


Broken Cross is a very hilarious, mind blowing and emotional film story of a young girl Esther, She is haunted by her past upbringing as a child, living with her grandmother and later on joined her mother who lived with an abusive step father, she battles to come to terms with her family breakdown, her father got married to jealousy step mother, she hates Esther with passion. Esther's life changed when she stated to suffer a lot of abuse from step father, this completely turned her life upside down, and a young innocent good girl suddenly turned to be a bad girl as she turns into alcohol and drug abuse. Esther lost her pride as guys took advantage of her vulnerability, leading her contracting HIV, this was the final turning point of her life once again, she come to her senses at this time, but it’s too late as she already lost her relationship and all her best friends, Esther finally give her life to God, started to go to church but, she live to regret this the rest of her life. Inspired by real life stories, Produced by Daniel Ndlara Robson of Star Galaxy Media, a UK based Zimbabwe born upcoming Director and Producer.2017 Release

parental rating

  • 18


  • (S) Sex
  • (L) Language
  • (V) Violence
  • (N) Nudity
  • (B) Blasphemy
  • (P) Prejudice
  • (D) Drugs & Alcohol
  • (H) Horror

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